Business systems consulting

Business Syst. Specialist

We can provide support to document and optimize your current business processes with BPMN, help you creating requirements and help you integrate the ERP system in your current environment.

GrowERP/OFBiz Implementation

OFBiz/GrowERP Implementation

If you or we together, have created an OFBiz/GrowERP implementation plan we can either lead or support the actual implementation using our documented implementation method.

OFBiz/GrowERP Customization

OFBiz/GrowERP Customization.

Customizing OFBiz/GrowERP system to your needs, either when implementing a new system or changing an existing system, let us help you using our transparent development way of working.

24/7 Support & System Mngmt.

24/7 Support & System Mngmt.

We have several support contracts and system host facilities available provided by a team of system administrators where we can help you in keeping your OFBiz/GrowERP system running 24/7.


Our transparent way of working

Document your business process first.

   We advise you to first document and optimize your business processes with BPMN before the actuual ERP implementation starts. You will see operational improvement early in the project. These BPMN diagrams will be viewable in the implemented ERP system.

We use the Scrum framework.

   We use the Scrum framework for all our projects. Groups of functions are implemented in short 1-4 weeks time periods.This allows you, the customer to change your mind for functions for which implementation has not yet been started.

Our demo system, updated daily.

   We have a multitenant demonstration system which is updated daily with the changes which were made by the Scrum team. You can see the system grow with the changes you requested.

Access to our Scrum system.

   We have developed a Scrum support system based on Apache OFBiz in which you are able to maintain the backlog requirement list, where the sprint and time administration takes place. This system also allows for detailed invoicing.

Weekly overview by email.

   In order to keep the customer informed as much as possible, a weekly e-mail is sent to the product owner reporting on the backlog items which are implemented, the number of hours used and the number of hours not yet billed.

Daily Skype Scrum meetings.

   We even have a daily scrum meeting in a Skype group meeting which you can join. Even if you are not present at the time the meeting is held, the text is kept for you to read at a later time.